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We completely understand that starting, setting up, then growing a new business at the same time is not easy. it brings lots of excitement to you. We make this process more exciting by taking care of some of the most difficult aspects of the business, starting with incorporating your business, assisting with vital responsibilities like accounting & bookkeeping, and helping to expand your business by assisting with your business loan.

Getting a loan depends on how well the company is positioned, and that is where Virtual Accountants & Consultants help your company. We work with the following steps:

  • Developing a strong business plan.
  • Demonstrating the company’s growth potential.
  • Today, the dimensions of funding small businesses have changed…..

In today’s economic environment where recessionary pressures are faced by the developing economies, banks are on a cautious note. Banks are flooded with applications from consumers and businesses and at the same time. They are facing record defaults on their existing lending. This leaves the bank at now where but having the mountain of new applications. Accurate and viable plans and proposals are needed. Virtual Accountants & Consultants have the desired expertise to make this possible and business financing:

We understand you need money to grow your business. Yes, you will have it since we know exactly what banks needed. Moreover, we know how to prove to them that you’ll be able to pay them back. Our winning loan proposals services include:

  • Executive Summary: We concisely state the purpose of the loan why the loan is needed, the exact amount of money required, an explanation of what the loan will be used for.
  • Pro-forma Cash Budgets and Financial Statements: We use your data and underlying assumptions to prepare information that your banker can easily read and buy into.
  • Owners Personal Financial Statements: We make copies of the last 3 years of personal tax returns for the bank as well as identify the collateral being pledged as security for the loan. (terms and conditions applied)

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