VAC is a Pakistan based start-up company. We at vacsolution.com have integrated the latest technologies allowing outsourcing with superior quality at a reduced cost. Have accounting questions about our online bookkeeping services? See our FAQ below or contact us for more information.Select the area of questions you would like to view.

Is there any discount in a log-term work commitment. How much?

Yes, there is a discount of 20% if you purchase for 12-month monthly service of bookkeeping.

How much cost-saving I have by using your service compared by other company?

Commonly, you will save 50% comparing other company services. We developed in honesty and trust manner. There is no hidden charge in our negotiation. We have the backend of our office in Pakistan and we are getting better exchange rates in terms of dollar. In another hand, the minimum hourly cost of the accountant ranges in US is $ 22.5 to $ 75 per hour. The cost of our bookkeeping ranges from $ 6 to $ 12 per hour. Moreover, we believe in making long term relationship to make monthly arrangement as well.

What are the payment gateway I can use?

We provide a wide range of choice for your secure and ease of payment matters. So far, we support:

Will I loss control of my financial decision making?

Absolutely NO. All financial decisions is purely according on you. However, using accurate and timely financial reporting will make you able to choose better decisions.

What is the security protocol at your workstations?

We use 1024 Bit SSL encryption for connecting with the server and each client is assigned with a unique user id

How secure my information is over the internet?

All the data is transferred securely with Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL) Technology to our secure file server. We also allow your data for backup.

How do I access my financial information?

Our client information security and privacy are of the most important thing. As soon as you outsource our power and support, you have automatically signed in to the safety zone. Here, you can securely access through our secure server with private access code. Moreover, the other people you designate can also view your financial data.

What if I want a specialized report?

We will be glad to know that. So, just ask! We are able to deliver report customize for your specific needs and any addition to regular monthly reports.

What are the kinds of software that you use?

We used all the popular accounting packages. Including Quickbooks all versions.

Will you integrate my historical data with the current data?

Of Course, if your data is on Quickbooks, we will integrate all of your older files into your current files which you have access for it in 24/7 schedule.

You will be processing the job overseas; will I get sufficient access to my data?

We have multiple arrangement for our clients for the exchange of the information which uses the modern technology. We consider the best security and confidentiality of the client information. We use cloud computing for accessing the data with many options depending on our client ease.

If I already have an accounting staff, why do I need Vacsolution.com?

We selectively recruited accountant team that are highly qualified in their professionalism. We assure that our accounting staff are highly experienced to manage accounting and tax issues. We can handle the busy work in financial management and bookkeeping matters. In another hand, you can relax and focus on deploying your staff handling other value-added service you may have.

What are the business field which have experienced your service?

We have many satisfied customers. Ranging from many business field. We have experienced the various of business field bookkeeping for over than 4 years. Therefore, we believe that we are also able to give you the best service.

My books are mess, who is going to fix them?

We are the accounting software experts; we can correct any messy books as long as we have the source document available to us. As we fix your books we will also set them up so they are never messy again.

How it works?


The Virtual Accountants & Consultants system works at the same level of some accounting firms in this world run. VAC does not change the way your company running a business. However, we simply make it more cost-efficient and effective. Serving as a single-point-of-contact, your dedicated Virtual Accountant collaborates closely with your team to synchronize the accounting requirements. We will connect your business and develop on-going process improvements such as taking advantage of our low cost offshore.

Using the latest information and communication technology, VAC has experienced handling some customers across the globe. We manage the accounting works professionally. Communication is the part of our best service. Therefore, you can integrated with us like having an accounting assistant sitting on your desk. As a plus point, we also provide a FREE initial consultation to help decide how we can benefit your business.



Why should I outsource my accounting and any financial management work to Vacsolution.com?


We are equipped with some professionals’ accountants. We are also develop by over than 4 years experiences. Therefore, we can assure the quality and fulfill each deadline you give. Financial management is extremely important in any business. Without having any professional bookkeepers your company’s value may decrease seamlessly until you will find that it is going to bankrupt.

Please note the we are an agency which has completed more than 200 jobs with positve tetimonial across the board. You can visit:




What is Virtual Accountants and Consultants (VAC)?

VAC is an online-based company situated in Pakistan. We at vascsolution.com have integrated the latest communication technology and professional human resource to help you in accounting/ bookkeeping / Tax preparation works. Sometimes, it is frustrated for you to handle all of these when starting your brand-new business. That’s why we are here to kindly assist you!

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