Multivariate and AB Testing

Find out what really makes your visitors tick – and take an action

It’s the nightmare every small business has. You have a great site, you’re getting traffic, but it’s not converting sales. In another story, the traffic isn’t there at all. Perhaps, you also just redesigned and now, your marketing campaigns are falling behind.

Too many questions, not enough answers. Thankfully, VAC Solution is here to help. With the help of Multivariate and A/B test, we increase usability and conversion rates of a website or landing page. This does not only helps the client with more conversion but also helps users interact better with the website and helps them find what they are looking for.

At VAC Solution, our certified and experienced team can design testing scenarios that give you greater insight into your business so that you can make the best decision to maximize your returns.

Armed with these experiments and the resulting data, you can start to make changes that can turn your results around and bring your business back on track.

Multivariate testing involves looking at the multiple areas of your site that could be affecting user experience, as well as your conversions. Everything from the design and layout to the copy writing and calls to action can come into play with multivariate testing. We’ll look at all of the factors that go into creating pages that engage and then design a strategy that tests multiple elements until we find the right combination.

 How about A/B Testing?

 A/B testing, on the other hand, is more about picking a specific element to tweak. Simple things like a change to the headline, choosing a different color, or changing the layout of a page can make a huge difference. We’ll examine your pages and determine which area(s) should be tested and how by using two specific variations.

Both types of testing have their benefits, and depending on your unique business scenario or goals, we may use one or both types of testing to give you the feedback you need.

What tools do we use?

We use a range of advance tools to get the scoop on your visitors, their behaviors, and their reactions for the testing. These tools are used by common Industries widely as a standard for carrying out usability tests.

The data we collect is used to take an action, like designing smarter campaigns or making corrections to improve the user experience.

Keep in mind that your business, your industry, and your customers are always changing. Testing keeps you in touch with what’s happening in your market while also giving you valuable feedback for designing a better user experience that keeps people on the site, taking action, and coming back for more.

Your campaigns win, your customers win, and you win.

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